Corporate Anthem  

                                                   Corporate Anthem Slogan


 There are 29,600,000 businesses in the United States
The average American is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages a day

Is your message even being heard by
your prospective customers?

How will your customers find you

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Did you know that:

Appropriate sound can increase retail sales by over 30%
Music transcends the logical brain by connecting with the emotional brain
Up to 95% of all purchase decisions are emotional
Corporations are expanding the use of repetitive sounds to further engage their customers (jingles, sonic logos, etc.)

A custom corporate anthem goes beyond the product jingles and sonic logos which require repetition for association

Corporate Anthems communicate a deeper message to your customers and your employees about your brand's story using your mission and an inspirational melody

Almost every organized religion has known for centuries that the right music would open the heart and make the hearer more receptive to their message. That is why religion has so successfully incorporated music into their presentations and used its power to precede all their meaningful content.


Most corporations are extremely effective at marketing a specific product with the requisite advertising, however, many are weak when it comes to telling the greater story of their company in general. Visiting company websites, we witness static mission statements that few customers read and as a result, an opportunity for significant branding is lost. Imagine a song that could weave the perfect and totally appropriate melody and song elements with lyrics that included both the company’s mission statement and core values and beliefs. That would tell the company story in a way that no other marketing really can. We call these custom business songs, a Corporate Anthem.


Customers can be loyal to products that they regularly use and that work well for them. That loyalty rarely extends beyond a successful product although the customer is certainly more open to trying a new product based on a successful experience with a product they enjoy and use often. What we are talking about is a piece of music that can tell the company story in such a way as to create total resonance with customers, and by extension, loyalty to the ideals of the company and the beliefs and values that they incorporate into their products. Even the employees will have more buy-in to the company ideals and a higher level of personal pride in their association to their employment.

The bigger picture includes a scenario in which this type of marketing, reaching out to a customer base with a hit song caliber piece of music, is brand new and will immediately help a company set themselves apart from all their competition. Businesses have been on an eternal quest to find those marketing elements that cause their company to rise above everyone in their niche, and we believe that a meticulously designed, crafted, and recorded Corporate Anthem will help them to achieve just that.

With the use of the Corporate Anthem song in their digital media kit, on their website, and as the soundtrack for all their corporate videos, a company can optimize each and every one of their branding opportunities. The world loves its music. Haven’t you caught yourself singing a product jingle that you’ve heard on a TV commercial? That’s the power of a catchy, well-crafted piece of music. Corporate Anthems are constructed like a hit song you’d hear on the radio, with a great storyline and strong hook; just the thing to get your customers singing your song and singing your praises.

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