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We are in the initial launch stages of Corporate Anthem, and as we have new clients who wish to give testimonials, we will happily add them

"Rebeca and David Randle carefully researched The Women's Information Network's history and culture before starting to write our Corporate Anthem. They carefully captured the very essence of The WIN through the lyrics, the melody, and the rhythms in the song. At our recent Convention the audience was happily singing along during the final choruses. We're thrilled and we highly recommend their services and their amazing talent to everyone. They're "5 Star Musicians" ~ the very best in the business!"
Paula Fellingham
CEO, The Women's Information Network


We would love to share with you some insights from a top industry business analyst, strategic planner, and business sequencer.

We are entering into an age where businesses will move from aspirational marketing to inspirational messaging to build deeper relationships with their customers and employees. These messages will increasingly include the vision and values that the company represents. They will extend the value of the Service-Profit chain because employees will live the values of the company while serving customers. I believe that market leaders will focus on developing meaningful emotional connections using every means possible, especially music.
Corporate Anthems go beyond a catchy jingle or a branded sonic logo which helps with product recall. These custom-written songs communicate the values that the company stands for in a way that stirs the soul. I have recommended Corporate Anthems to my clients and partners. If you are serious about growing your business in twenty-first century, you need to consider a corporate anthem for your organization.
Tony Bodoh
Nashville, TN

Tony Bodoh is a business growth expert who specializes in niche-building and value creation.  Bodoh helps each of his clients develop a unique sustainable operational system and company culture which supports their specific marketing promise to attract the most profitable customers. 

Beyond consulting, Bodoh's work includes the revolutionary ProfiTornado cultural change program and his free 4-part niche-building curriculum for entrepreneurs Niche My Business.  Bodoh is also an adjunct instructor in the business program at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee.