Corporate Anthem  

                                                   Corporate Anthem Slogan



While the following video is not an example of a corporate anthem, it is an interview by Fox 5 News of composers Rebeca & David Randle, who write all our Corporate Anthem songs, and it shares a lot with you about their process of writing Custom Songs, which is the same process by which they can write the perfect song for you.


  Women Of The WIN

The above song was created as the Corporate Anthem for the Women's Information Network.
This company is an amazing amalgam of podcasts, social media, forums, mentoring, and business development programs, all surrounding women's issues of all type. We were able to take many of their founding principals and core values, such as the fact that they are an organization of women helping women, and weave that into a Corporate Anthem with an almost "We Are The World," type flavor. There was an added excitement to the creation of this anthem, as we were invited to perform the Anthem live at the inaugural Women's Information Network International Convention, just before Lisa Nichols gave her keynote address. We encourage everyone who has an interest in women's issues to look into an affiliation with the Women's Information Network.