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About Us

Corporate Anthem is a company exclusively designed to assist companies with an expanded concept of their branding. We know that you are much greater than a laundry list of goods and services, and we are dedicated to using the medium of music to share your deeper story and demonstrate your company's heart. The world revolves around the popular music that it consumes on a daily basis. Work with us to use that attraction to music to your advantage by creating a piece of music with "radio hit" qualities that will communicate the core values and beliefs of your company, the very heart and soul of your business, over and over to your customers, prospects, and employees alike. Include your own personal business song, your Corporate Anthem, in all of your company videos, on your website, in your digital media kit, and as a promotional giveaway.

We know all businesses are different and have their own unique business culture and customer community. Let our composers
find the signature musical style that fits your image and the perfect lyrics to tell your story. Remember the last time you were walking around singing a song that you just couldn't get out of your head. What if it was your very own Corporate Anthem and it was your customer who couldn't stop singing it.

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Songwriters for Corporate Anthem

 Rebeca Randle, composer and co-founder of
Rebeca Randle is one of our masterful composers and is also co-founder of Corporate Anthem. Rebeca is an extremely experienced songwriter and    has performed for several years as the lead vocalist with Rebeca & David. You can hear both her beautiful voice and elegant writing style at

Rebeca has received International radio airplay with her GlobalMusic Records release, "Open." She has recorded over seven CDs in her career, predominantly of music she has written. Rebeca has recorded many publishing demos for record labels such as A & M, Warner Bros., Universal, and others.

Kashif, Grammy Award winning producer of Whitney Houston, George Benson, and Kenny G, had this to say about Rebeca, "Rebeca's voice is better than most of what you hear on the radio today!"

  Rebeca Randle

David Randle, composer and co-founder of
David Randle is the other of our world-class composers and is the other co-founder of Corporate Anthem. David is both an amazing composer and record producer. He is currently performing with Rebeca as the lead guitarist with Rebeca & David. You can also hear his superb guitar work and accomplished composing skills at

David has a remarkable performance history as his musical group, The Brain Police, performed and toured with rock'n'roll luminaries such as Cream (Eric Clapton,) The Who, Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield (Neil Young and Stephen Stills,) Eric Burdon & The
Animals, The Byrds (David Crosby,) and Strawberry Alarm Clock.David is also a quality producer so you can rest assured that after your song is written, the recording will be excellent.

   David Randle


While Corporate Anthem has a very unique and special calling to use music in a new way to facilitate branding and company loyalty, it is important to remember that it comes from a legacy of other important music creation businesses. The following sister companies have a rich tradition of creating powerful original music for very specific circumstances. Wedding Song 4 U is the quintessential creator of wedding magic by telling the bride's and groom's personal love story in their own, unique, custom wedding song. Custom Song 4 U is the master of creating keepsake moments for milestone events, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and the increasingly popular, song of appreciation, with a custom song perfect for any occasion. Rebeca & David are extremely powerful composers and performers, and are the founders and visionaries behind all our companies. And because the songs must be masterfully produced, not just written, David Randle Productions is continuously behind the scenes making certain that every song is recorded and produced at the highest level.